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Developing Children, Developing Parents (Sudanese Arabic)

Welcome to developing children, developing parents. This series of recordings gives you basic information about having a baby, becoming a parent and caring for your young child.

The topics covered are as follows (right-click a link below and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." to copy the file to your computer):

  1. Introduction
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Your Baby’s Body
  4. Feeding Your Baby: The First Six Months
  5. Feeding Your Baby: 6 to 18 Months
  6. Baby Teeth and Oral Health
  7. Sleep
  8. Your Baby’s Mind
  9. How Your Baby’s Communicates
  10. Play and Playing
  11. Feelings and Emotions
  12. Getting Along With Others
  13. Keeping Your Baby Safe
  14. Keeping Your Baby Healthy
  15. When Your Baby Is Sick
  16. Coping With Crying
  17. Introduction to Parenting
  18. Baby Blues Postpartum Depression
  19. The Importance of Dads
  20. Parenting Is Hard Work
  21. Relationship With Your Partner
  22. Spanking and Physical Punishment
  23. Choosing Childcare that is Safe and Healthy


NEW: Download All Chapters in MP3 format (162MB .ZIP file). Note: burning these files to CD will require 3-4 CD's.

Our sincere thanks to all who worked so hard on the project:

  • Gregory Kennedy - script writer
  • Carlos Galajo - Translator and voice of father
  • Jackline Lagos -Translator
  • Amina Abdelgadir - Proof reader and voice of narrator
  • Sana Elamin - Voice of mother
  • Randy Robertson - Editor
  • Brian Clark - Composer and editor

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