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Horumarka Carruurta, Horumarka Waalindinta

Welcome to developing children, developing parents. This series of recordings gives you basic information about having a baby, becoming a parent and caring for your young child.

The topics covered are as follows (right-click a link below and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." to copy the file to your computer):

  1. Hordhac
  2. Uurka
  3. ilamaha jirkooda
  4. Cunto Siinta Ilmaha: Lixda Bilood (6 bilood) oo Uga Horeeysa
  5. Habka Cunto Siinta Ilmaha : 6 ilaa 8 bilood
  6. Caafimaadka ilkaha ilmaha yar
  7. Hurdada
  8. Ilmahada maskaxdoda
  9. Ilmahaaga yar uu Kugula Xirriiro
  10. Dheel Dheel-ka
  11. Darreenka iyo Shucuurta
  12. Hab ladhaqanka dadka
  13. Dhallanka Khatar la’aan
  14. Laalinta Caafimaadka Ilmaha Yar
  15. Dhallankaada Marka U Jiiran Yahay
  16. Laqabsashada Oohinta
  17. Hordhaca Waalimada
  18. Xiriirka adiga iyo xaskaaga
  19. Baby Blues iyo niyad-jabka umusha
  20. Muhimadda uu leeyahay Abaaha
  21. Dabo Ka Dhirbaaxidda iyo Jir Dilka.
  22. Walidnimada waa Shaqo Adag
  23. Doorashadda xaananada caruurta ee Ammanka iyo Caafimaadka leh


NEW: Download All Chapters in MP3 format (169MB .ZIP file). Note: burning these files to CD will require 3-4 CD's.

Our sincere thanks to all who worked so hard on the project:

  • Gregory Kennedy - script writer
  • Saida Ahmed - Translator and voice of narrator
  • Mana Ali - Voice of mother
  • Mohamed Mohamed- Voice of father
  • Randy Robertson - Recording and editing technician
  • Brian Clark - Composer and editor

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