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Be Safe - A personal safety program for children ages 5 -9 with a focus on child abuse prevention.

Respect Education - A variety of workshops that cover Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention.
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Who do I tell? - An educational program that offers the facts about child sexual abuse and empowers communities to speak openly about this issue.
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Teatree Tells - A child abuse prevention kit designed fro children 4 - 6 years of age. Topics include identifying a safe adult, feelings, naming body parts, establishing personal boundaries, etc.

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Welcome to developing children, developing parents. This series of recordings gives you basic information about having a baby, becoming a parent and caring for your young child.

The topics covered are as follows (right-click a link below and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." to copy the file to your computer):

  1. 引言
  2. 姙娠
  3. 宝宝的身体
  4. 如何餵養寶寶:出生到六個月
  5. 如何餵養寶寶:六至十八個月
  6. 嬰兒的牙齒與口腔保健
  7. 睡眠
  8. 您的孩子的思想
  9. 您的小孩怎樣與人溝通
  10. 玩耍
  11. 感受和情緒
  12. 怎樣與別人相處
  13. 保障小孩的安全
  14. 保持您的小孩健康
  15. 小孩生病怎麼辦
  16. 怎樣處理哭泣
  17. 介紹怎樣做家長
  18. 與您的伴侶的關係
  19. 產後傷感和產後抑鬱症
  20. 爸爸的重要性
  21. 打屁股和體罰
  22. 做家長是一件困難的工作
  23. 選擇安全和健康的扥兒服務


NEW: Download All Chapters in MP3 format (125MB .ZIP file). Note: burning these files to CD will require 3-4 CD's.

Our sincere thanks to all who worked so hard on the project:

  • Gregory Kennedy - script writer
  • Amy Yu - Translator
  • Yingying Zhao – Proof reader and voice of narrator
  • Wei He – Composer and voice of mother
  • GuanHua Yin - Voice of father
  • Brian Clark – Composer and editor

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