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Be Safe - A personal safety program for children ages 5 -9 with a focus on child abuse prevention.

Respect Education - A variety of workshops that cover Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention.
Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

Who do I tell? - An educational program that offers the facts about child sexual abuse and empowers communities to speak openly about this issue.
Canadian Centre for Child Abuse Protection

Teatree Tells - A child abuse prevention kit designed fro children 4 - 6 years of age. Topics include identifying a safe adult, feelings, naming body parts, establishing personal boundaries, etc.

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The teen years are very focussed on relationships. It is common now to see the daughters of abused women becoming involved in abusive dating relationships while the son of a man who uses abuse is more likely to be abusive in his dating relationships.

Lack of exposure to healthy relationships in which people discuss their differences and reach a compromise often means these teens will use force or manipulation to get what they want.

They are also at increased risk of addiction, suicide, prostitution, and gang involvement.